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A broad range of sustainable seafood products and packaging options so you can play your part for our planet.

Now Available: Premium Copper River Salmon

Referred to as the finest salmon in the world, Copper River sockeye and king salmon from Alaska are available for a limited season from Mid-May through June. We’re a proud distributor of this first-class delicacy known for its deep color, silkin texture, and rich flavor. Don’t miss your chance to show off this seasonal treasure!

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We carry over one hundred species! From whole fish to fillet and value-added to skin packs, we have what you need.

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Get a glimpse of what life is like in our processing plant and on our dock. We have a YouTube playlist featuring short, fun videos of what it takes for us to be the ultimate in quality seafood.

The Ultimate in Quality Seafood (Since 1975)

Since the beginning, we have relied on the dedication and perseverance of our employees. By outhustling the competition and a feverish search for the best available fish, we established ourselves throughout the years as: “The Ultimate in Quality Seafood”.

Over 45 Years of Quality Products

Lusamerica – The Ultimate in Quality Seafood

Since 1975, Lusamerica relied on the dedication and perseverance of a handful of employees. By out-hustling the competition and combing the local fishing piers at all hours of the day and night in a feverish search for the best available fish, Lusamerica began to establish itself as “The Ultimate in Quality Seafood”, which became the slogan and “motto” of the company that has been earned and upheld throughout the years.

Lusamerica offers grocery retailers, foodservice operators, restaurants and broad-line distributors a reliable source of domestic and imported seafood with innovative value-added seafood products. As a wholesale distributor, we serve both small and large volume customers from our multiple locations along the West Coast.


Lusamerica Foods, being a local family owned company, is uniquely positioned to participate in the restoration of commercial fishing in the Monterey Bay. We have long standing relationships with the local fishermen, from whom we purchased and processed local Monterey products two decades ago. We have the local retail outlets to feature and promote this local product, and the demand for local, sustainable seafood has never been greater. This unique synergy is a recipe for success due to our commitment to promoting local, Monterey Bay seafood and to revitalize this long-standing Monterey tradition.


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We have longstanding commitments to provide sustainable seafood to meet our customers’ initiatives. We are partnered with major certification programs to offer a broad range of sustainable seafood products.

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With our ability to source products worldwide, we provide consistent, high quality seafood to our customers 365 days a year. Whether it is fresh, frozen, domestic or imported.

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Our customers’ success depends on our daily commitment to service. We have the people, systems and infrastructure to ensure our customers success.

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We have developed dependable, direct sources of seafood from all over the world. We offer trend setting and innovative value-added products to enhance our customers’ fresh seafood offerings.

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An informational guide to learn about the variety of finfish and shellfish products.

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