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About Lusamerica

Lusamerica is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1975 by Fernando and Ana Frederico.

The company was founded in 1975 by an immigrant Portuguese couple, Ana and Fernando Frederico, searching for the American dream. Initially, the company was a small importer of specialty foods, to exclusively supply the Portuguese communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company gradually developed away from the import business toward a major seafood industry player in California and the West Coast.

​Lusamerica’s reputation spread quickly, and the organization has grown steadily into a state-of-the-art processing, warehousing and distribution facility capable of handling several hundred species of seafood. Lusamerica can harvest the catch, process it overnight, and have it delivered at the customer’s door at the crack of dawn, Lusamerica is unique in its ability to deliver the freshest seafood in town.

Today, during peak season, Lusamerica employs up to 450 people of diverse nationalities, that truly represents the melting pot of cultures and personalities’ its founders intended to create. This melting pot spearheads the undaunted, fighting spirit, creativity and innovation that drives Lusamerica to the forefront of the industry. With “service second to none” as a guiding principle, Lusamerica is, and always will be the “Ultimate Quality” in the Seafood industry.

What’s in a Name?

Lusamerica is an unusual yet profound word that truly defines the company in a nut shell. The word Lusamerica is derived from Lusitania, which was an ancient region in the Iberian peninsula, on the West European Coast, that corresponds to modern Portugal. It’s inhabitants were known as “Lusos”. Lusamerica represents more than just a name, it symbolizes the company’s mission of establishing a legitimate melting pot of two great cultures.

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About Lusamerica

Family, woman and minority owned since 1975 distributing seafood to the Western United States and beyond.

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