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Our Amazing People

Amazing people at Lusamerica help define who we are as a company.  Loyalty, dedication, commitment and talent are just a few of the trademarks of our employees.  Giving the company and customers their very best day and night, while sharing a common goal of delivering the highest quality seafood.  Since our inception, our employees have proven to be a backbone of our success!

Happy Customers...

“I just had to take a moment to let you know that your drivers are fantastic!!  We have Gamo and Sammy and they are 2 of the friendliest and polite drivers!  You should be very happy with their level of service.”

– Marie, Barons Market

amazing people - john with fish

The Lusamerica Team in Action

Our Production Team

“Fillet artist” Jesus cuts Halibut

“Fillet artist” Jesus cuts Tuna

“Fillet artist” Dolores cuts Tuna

amazing people
amazing people

The Beginning

See how Lusamerica first began.

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About Lusamerica

Family, woman and minority owned since 1975 distributing seafood to the Western United States and beyond.

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