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A note from Chef Sion: “The Sultan of Salmon”

Executive Chef Sion T Maumau,

“It all began with a lifelong appreciation for all seafood at a very early age growing up in the Tonga (“Friendly”) Islands. My culinary experience began as a prep and cook helper. As time went on, I worked my way through the ranks at various renowned restaurants, hotels, luxury resorts, and cruise ships to an Executive Chef. I was learning from and working with some of the best chefs in the Bay Area!

“A significant turning point occurred in 2006 when I joined Lusamerica Foods Inc. and narrowed my focus on seafood. I love to cook seafood! It is so fresh, clean, delicious, and it lends itself to a wide range of options and diversities. I am lucky to be here at Lusamerica Foods with such a wide variety of seafood.

“I always like to remind everyone not to overcomplicate seafood cooking! It is quite simple. Choose something new, try a variety of cooking styles and cooking methods.” Below are a few tips and ideas.

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