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Our Commitment to Quality

Through our supply channels, we provide our customers with consistent, high quality seafood. Whether it is fresh or frozen, domestic or imported, we have the sources to meet our customers’ quality requirements.

We strongly believe that the highest economic benefit to our customers starts with best quality seafood. Our ultimate goal, and one we stake our reputation on, is to provide our customers the best quality seafood products in the marketplace.

Our extensive relationships with our trusted global seafood suppliers means our customers receive the best products from around the world. We have regular direct contact with all our suppliers and continue to work with them extensively to maintain standards that meet our customers’ specifications.

Our experienced in-house quality control team is responsible for implementing strict product specifications and quality guidelines throughout our plants. The QC team conducts thorough inspections on all incoming shipments prior to releasing them for production. Likewise, outgoing orders are audited to ensure accuracy and overall quality. We have invested heavily in our plants to ensure food safety and quality. We operate in accordance with established Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) protocols and have achieved the Safe Quality Food Certificate, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative protocols.

“Our reputation is built on the highest level of quality and service.”

–Fernando Frederico–
Chief Executive Officer



Product Innovation and Processing

Lusamerica Foods supplies more than just whole seafood and fish portions. We also offer a full range of chef-inspired, fresh, value-added items to enhance your seafood offerings. From the simplest tray-packed options to the ready to cook entrées, Lusamerica is your source for product innovation.

Ready to Cook Entrées

Our in-house chefs have developed a number of delicious and innovative items for retail and foodservice applications. Examples include:

  • Stuffed seafood roasts
  • Seafood pinwheels
  • Cedar-wrapped seafood and vegetables
  • Stuffed fillets
  • Seafood and vegetable kabobs
  • Seafood burgers
  • Microwavable Meals
  • Oven Ready Meals

Refresh and Frozen Programs

We offer comprehensive refresh programs featuring a wide range of products and have in- house spiral freezing capability to expand high quality product offerings for our customers.

Packaging Options

Customers can choose from a number of packaging options, including vacuum-packs, tray- packs and skin-packs including the industry-leading Darfresh film technology (OTR 10K rating) to protect product shelf life, enhance in-store convenience and reduce labor costs. We provide frozen packaged product solutions through both our Tasty Catch® private brand or under our customers’ own brands for a broad range of species.

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