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Keeping our customers and Lusamerica family safe and healthy.

Staying Informed About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A Commitment from Lusamerica

As a family-owned company, employee health and safety has always been among our highest priorities. We are closely following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), along with state and local health authorities, and taking all necessary steps to ensure the protection and safety of our employees and customers.

Lusamerica Foods Inc. joins our nation as we respond to the challenge of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We recognize that we have a special responsibility to the millions of families that depend on our seafood products to meet their daily nutritional needs. We could not do this without the dedication and commitment of our employees, to whom we are grateful.

As a part of our routine operations, Lusamerica Foods Inc. has stringent production practices and rigorous sanitation in place:

  • Our facilities are continuously sanitized and inspected. We are subject to periodic audits by regulatory bodies as well as our customers. We have added to these practices by increasing daily sanitation throughout our facilities.
  • We’ve increased handwashing, distancing, sanitizing of production and office areas as well as restricted travel and visitors.
  • We are monitoring employees twice a day for fever and inquire about symptoms of COVID-19 to reduce the possibility of an infected individual entering our facilities.
  • Protective face masks are mandatory for plant employees.
  • We have made changes to employee break areas to permit greater social distancing, while ensuring that all common areas are continuously cleaned.
  • We were inspected by the county and city officials, who have been impressed by level of compliance, sanitization and social distancing at our facilities.

We will continue to follow guidance from the CDC and USDA, and are prepared to respond quickly.

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