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Wild FishSeason Information
CodWe are fishing local black cod, otherwise known as sablefish, rock cod and lingcod off the California coast. The season is ongoing. Catch has been very good and we hope it continues into this month, weather permitting as winter storms and larger swells roll in causing breaks of inventory. Local rock cod and black cod from California are excellent quality. True cod and lingcod are sourced from Canada and USA. It is sweet and mild with large firm flakes. Steamed, roasted, braised, sautéed or fried, it is always a natural favorite.
CorvinaWe have corvina in from Mexico. They are fished all year round along the southwestern side of the Central and South American coasts. Corvina is great for broiling, grilling and pan frying. It is known for its firm white meat and flaky texture.
HalibutWe are getting fresh halibut from Alaska and Canada. Prices are high. All sizes are available, but supply of larger fish is tight. Local halibut is available on occasion. Halibut has a firm texture with a gentle flavor. It pairs well with bolder seasonings like pesto, lemon juice and basil.
Mahi MahiWe are sourcing from Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru. Fresh Mahi is supply has been good and frozen supply is ok. Like halibut, mahi has a mild flavor, but is more delicate than halibut with a distinct tropical sweetness.
Ono and OpahAvailability is spotty, but we will continue to offer these fish when available. This is due to the fact that these fish do not school, and are caught individually by fishermen using longline gear. Opah has a rich creamy taste and firm, fatty texture. The flavor is a cross between tuna and swordfish-distinctive, but not overpowering.
Salmon, CohoThe fresh season is winding down. Once the season is completed, we will transition to our refresh program. Refreshed fish are blast frozen as whole fish to maintain good quality and integrity, then thawed and processed into fillets or portions. With its orange-red flesh, firm texture and delicate flavor, many consider Coho to be the best salmon for all around cooking applications.
Salmon, KetaThe season is open and should last through the end of the month in the Pacific Northwest. With a mild flavor and firm flesh, Keta salmon are a great choice for grilling and roasting. Lower cooking temperatures are recommended because of its lower fat content than other wild salmon species.
Salmon, KingThe wild king salmon season is finished and we are offering our off-season refreshed program with “frozen at sea” fish. Most of the fish will be ocean run. Also known as Chinook, wild Alaskan King Salmon are prized for their color, high oil content, firm texture and succulent flesh.
Salmon, SockeyeThe sockeye season is over. We are now featuring our refreshed sockeye as a suitable substitute. Sockeye are well known for their rich flavor and distinctive deep red flesh, which retains its color throughout all cooking application.
Sea bassAll our Chilean sea bass is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and is coming from Australia, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand. They are a great quality white fish that tends to be very mild and not “fishy” in flavor.
SoleWe are fishing local sole in November from our fishing vessels off the coast of Central California. When weather is bad on the central coast, we have other west coast sources available as a backup. Sole is available all year long and include petrale, dover, rex and arrowtooth. Delicious whether sautéed, roasted, broiled or grilled, it’s a great way to bring local flavor to your table. Sole is very versatile, a great value option, and pairs well with rubs, marinades and sauces.
SwordfishSwordfish is being sourced from Australia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. With its mild flavor and firm texture, swordfish is perfect for grilling, and eats like a meat lover’s dream!
Tuna, Ahi#1 ahi longline-caught tuna will be available from French Polynesia. #2+ tuna will be in steady supply from Mexico, Costa Rica, and California. Our #2+ quality is excellent, so give it a sear at your next cookout or prepare a poke’ bowl with your favorite ingredients!
Tuna, AlbacoreAlbacore (Tombo) ⃝ Albacore is being sourced from French Polynesia, Fiji and Australia. Also known as white tuna, it is more delicate than ahi. You can almost compare them to red and white wine.
Farmed FishSeason Information
BranzinoThis is one of the fastest growing fresh seafood items in the foodservice industry! Its sweet flaky meat is popular in Italian cuisine and the quality has been great. We are stocking the fish with head-on and guts-in. This is the most popular way to prepare it. This farm-raised fish from the Mediterranean is a good item to throw into the mix, as customers continue to look for alternatives to the mainstream seafood offerings. Grill it whole for a unique seafood experience!
CatfishThe USA (Mississippi and Alabama) supply has been steady. Catfish can be baked, grilled or even fried with many seasoning combinations. Try our catfish nuggets!
Salmon, NorwegianPrices appear to be steady as of now. Antibiotic Free (ABF) salmon from Norway has been fairly consistent in supply. This salmon is known for its deep rich flavor as it is raised in its natural habitat in the fjords of Norway.
SalmonThe are now offering farmed Atlantic salmon from the Faroe Islands which is excellent quality and worth a try. The Atlantic Canadian farmed salmon market has stabilized. Shortages of larger fish continue as the farms are not producing enough fish to keep up with demand. We are stocking Atlantic salmon from all areas, including Florida-based Bluehouse Salmon by Atlantic Sapphire (green rated for sustainability by Seafood Watch). Ask your sales representative for current pricing.
Striped BassLand-based and farm-raised, this sustainable fish from Texas is a great, clean tasting alternative to many other white fish species. Give it a try and you will love it! The fish is delicious, healthy and extremely versatile. It’s also rated as a green Best Choice by Seafood Watch.
SwaiPricing on swai is steady. This fish is a type of white fish with a mild flavor and flaky texture. It’s a freshwater fish that’s native to the Vietnamese rivers and a type of catfish.
TilapiaPrices are steady at this time. Our tilapia is certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and comes from Mexico and Costa Rica. Its great quality and nice fillet sizes of 5-7 ounces. Tilapia is typically a great value with a mild flavor.
TroutWe are stocking an excellent Norwegian steelhead trout which has a high fat content and a larger fillet size. We expect pricing on Norwegian steelhead to be much higher than Canadian. Canadian steelhead is still a great menu option. Domestic rainbow trout remains high, but steady. We experienced price increases last month from increased farming costs and feed costs.
ShellfishSeason Information
Clams and MusselsLittleneck clams are readily available in 8 count and 13 count per pound sizes. Manila clams are stocked in our Fife, Washington location. The cooler weather in the Northwest has been a welcome sight as harvesting and shelf life have improved. Check out our new, New Zealand cockles AKA little neck clams. It is winter in New Zealand and the quality is terrific! We also have larger cherry stone clams available. Ask your sales representative for the best variety to meet your demand. We are also stocking Mediterranean mussels in Fife, Washington and Prince Edward Island mussels in Morgan Hill, California. We always have a great variety!
Crab, Dungeness Canadian crab season has opened and supply is improving. Prices are extremely high due to Asian/USA demand and the lack of a substantial seasonal harvest. The California season was delayed to accommodate the endangered whales and leatherback sea turtles. We hope the season will open early next month, but no one really knows.
Crab, King All sizes are very low in availability due to high seasonal demand. We are stocking red king crab legs & claws from Russia in the 6-9, 9-12 12-14, and 16-20 sizes when available. The unit of measure is based on legs per 10 pounds. The quality is great, but pricing continues to climb due to labor challenges in harvesting and packing, as well as high demand. Market prices are extremely high going into the month.
Crab, PasteurizedPrices remain extremely strong as we saw major increases and some shortages last month. Fully cooked and ready to eat, many people choose to feature the meat as part of a prepared dish or ingredient.
CrawfishThe supply should be in good shape for the month, but pricing is expected to increase due to labor constraints in the harvesting process. Also known as crayfish, craydids and crawdaddies, they are a freshwater crustacean resembling mini lobster.
LobstersLobster tail prices are up and will remain high. This is mainly due to past Covid restrictions in harvesting and processing. Both cold and warm water lobsters are in big demand and very tight in availability. Lobster meat prices will also increase as supply struggles to keep up with demand. Live Maine lobster season is rolling, but high priced.
OystersThe producers in the Northwest are looking forward to the cooler months of Autumn. Supply continues to be short on shucked oysters, though, as production struggles to keep up with high demand. This will most likely roll into the holidays. Remember these little live bodies do not like large fluctuations in temperature. Keep them alive at a cool temperature of 34-38 degrees.

-Carbajals: Clean and crisp with a pure sea salt flavor, these tide tumbled little guys are known for their deep cup shell and large meat fill.

Kumamoto: This is a deep cupped oyster with a mild brininess and sweet finish. They are the honeydew of the oyster family!

-Kusshi: Meaning “Ultimate” in Japanese, they are raised in the deep bay on the east side of Vancouver Island. Don’t let the small size fool you as they have a nice, plump, tender meat fill.

-Little Skookum: These are sweet flavored oysters with a mild salinity taste. They are harvested in the shallow waters along the southern tip of the Puget Sound, far away from the salty ocean waters.

-Capitals: These are petite oysters from Spenser Cove, WA which have deep cups, a mild sweetness, and crisp brininess.
ScallopsThe market remains extremely high and we are seeing high prices, especially for U/10s, (under 10 scallops per pound) and will likely continue through November. Fresh scallops are prized by restaurants and seafood markets. A possible option might be to take a look at our 10/20 scallops, as they are not seeing such drastic increases. Another new option that we have just brought in is a selection of all natural Mexican scallops. Ask your sales associate for details!
Shrimp Farmed white shrimp pricing will remain high due to lack of production caused by Covid in Southeast Asia. The shortage in labor has caused challenges in harvesting and packing, as well as supply chain challenges. The domestic Gulf shrimp season is running and shrimp are available. The smaller cooked shrimp are high in demand and low in availability which will reflect in the cost. Look out for increases in price throughout the month. Black tiger prawns continue their upswing in pricing due to shortages in 21 count per pound or smaller. Larger sizes, 15 count per pound or higher, may stabilize before the smaller sizes. The wild Mexican shrimp season is also open with good availability.
Shrimp meatThe fresh season is ending and we are switching gears to frozen meat. This is a great option for seafood salads shrimp ceviche and shrimp cocktail. You can eat it right out of the bucket, or create a nice shrimp meat salad on top of toasted bread!

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