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Get the inside scoop on the latest market trends and updates on the seafood industry. Our market news page is updated each month so you can stay on top of seasonal seafood changes and be aware of price fluctuations.

Seasonal Highlights and Updates:

  1. WILD SALMON: Troll king salmon season in California has ended aside from the San Francisco area which is the last opener running this month. We’re also getting troll kings from Canada and Washington. Up in Alaska, sockeye season is closing while coho salmon should be ramping up but has been slower than expected. Our refresh program is available so you can stock wild salmon year-round.
  2. FARMED SALMON: Supply has been tightening and prices are increasing in British Colombia and Chile. Prices have been steady so far for Norwegian salmon and Miami-based Bluehouse Salmon by Atlantic Sapphire (green-rated for sustainability by Seafood Watch).
  3. THE LOCAL CATCH: We are getting a good supply of California halibut, line-caught rock cod, and grenadier out of our dock in Moss Landing Harbor located in Monterey Bay. Grenadier produces beautiful white/light pink fillets great for tacos and fish n’ chips. This is a great economical option to support our local fishing community when it’s available. We’re also getting some true cod from Oregon.
  4. OYSTERS: Larger oysters continue to be limited due to the heat wave the other month. There is a higher likelihood that the oysters you receive could be spawning too, so it’s best to order smaller batches.

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Wild FishSeason Information
CodWe’re sourcing directly from California fishermen for local rock cod (rockfish), lingcod, and black cod (sablefish). When the weather is bad and our boats can’t get out, we can source from Canada as a backup. We also have true cod (aka Pacific cod) coming in from Oregon and available via our refresh program from Alaska. The cod is sweet and mild with large firm flakes. Steamed, roasted, braised, sautéed or fried, it is always a customer favorite.
Halibut Halibut season is in full swing through December from Alaska and we have some local fish coming in from Monterey. “Frozen at sea” halibut is available via our refresh program.
Mahi Mahi We are sourcing from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Like halibut, mahi has a mild flavor but is more delicate than halibut with a distinct tropical sweetness.
Ono and Opah Availability is spotty, but we will continue to offer these fish when available. This is due to
the fact that these fish do not school, and are caught individually by fishermen using longline gear. Opah
has a rich creamy taste and firm, fatty texture. The flavor is a cross between tuna and swordfish; distinctive, but not overpowering.
SalmonTroll king salmon season in California has ended aside from the San Francisco area which is the last opener running all month long. Up in Alaska, the sockeye season is winding down and coho should be in full swing but has been slower than usual. We’re also getting some coho from Oregon and have an excellent refresh program available where various types of salmon are blast frozen whole from the previous season and then thawed and processed into fillets or portions so you can order wild salmon all year round.
Sea bassPacific white seabass supply is now available from Mexico and southern California. Our Chilean sea bass is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and is coming from Australia, New Zealand, and Ukraine. They are a great quality white fish that tends to be very mild and not “fishy” in flavor.
SoleWe are fishing local sole from our fishing vessels off the coast of California. Sole is available all year long and include petrale, dover, rex, and arrowtooth. They are delicious sautéed, roasted, broiled, or grilled. Sole is very versatile, a great value option, local, and pairs well with rubs, marinades and sauces.
Swordfish Swordfish is being sourced primarily from Australia and Ecuador. We’re also getting some from Hawaii, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mozambique, South Korea, New Zealand, and Indonesia. With its mild flavor and firm texture, swordfish is perfect for grilling, and eats like a meat lover’s dream!
Tuna, Ahi#1 ahi longline-caught tuna is being sourced from Australia and the Philippines, with some additional supply from French Polynesia. Our saku blocks, poke, loins, ground tuna, and tuna steaks are from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, and Vietnam. #2+ tuna will be in steady supply from Costa Rica, Fiji, French Polynesia, the Philippines, and California. Our #2+ quality is excellent, so give it a sear at your next cookout or prepare a poke’ bowl with your favorite ingredients! We also have canned tuna and Pescavore tuna jerky sustainably caught off the USA West Coast.
Tuna, AlbacoreAlbacore is being sourced from USA, Fiji, and French Polynesia. Also known as white tuna, it is more delicate than ahi.
Farmed FishSeason Information
BranzinoThis fish is farm-raised in the Mediterranean (usually Turkey) and we are stocking it head-on and guts-in. This is the most popular way to prepare it. Grill it whole for a unique seafood experience. Its sweet flaky meat is popular in Italian cuisine and the quality has been great.
Catfish The USA (Mississippi and Alabama) supply has been steady. Catfish can be baked, grilled or even fried with many seasoning combinations. Try our catfish nuggets! Our USA catfish is rated as a green Best Choice for sustainability by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.
SalmonSupply has been tightening and prices are increasing across the board. We have farmed salmon available from Norway, Chile, and Canada. The Norwegian has been the steadiest in terms of pricing. For our eco-centric friends, we are stocking Bluehouse Salmon by Atlantic Sapphire which is farmed in indoor, land-based tanks in Florida (green-rated for sustainability by Seafood Watch and a reduced carbon footprint as a domestic product!).
Striped Bass Land-based and farm-raised, this sustainable fish from Texas is a great, clean tasting alternative to many other white fish species. Give it a try and you will love it! The fish is delicious, healthy and extremely versatile. It’s also rated as a green Best Choice by Seafood Watch.
Swai Pricing on swai is steady. This fish is a type of white fish with a mild flavor and flaky texture. It’s a freshwater fish that’s native to the Vietnamese rivers and a type of catfish.
TilapiaPrices are steady. Our tilapia is certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and comes from Mexico and Costa Rica. It’s great quality and nice fillet sizes of 5-7 ounces. Tilapia is typically a great value with a mild flavor.
TroutWe are partnering with a new supplier in Washington and will have a new stream of steelhead trout coming into our hands from the Pacific Northwest. We’ll also continue to source steelhead from Norway, Canada, and Chile. Domestic rainbow trout remains steady.
ShellfishSeason Information
Clams and Mussels Littleneck clams are readily available in 8 count and 13 count per pound sizes. Manila clams are stocked in our Fife, Washington location. The cooler weather in the Northwest has been a welcome sight as harvesting and shelf life have improved. We have larger cherry stone clams available. We are stocking Mediterranean mussels in Fife, Washington and Prince Edward Island mussels in Morgan Hill, California. Check out our new, New Zealand cockles AKA little neck clams
Crab, Dungeness Dungeness crab season is now open in Canada. Dungeness crab is a fan-favorite that creates its own culinary experience from the claw-cracking and dunking of lump meat into melted butter.
Crab, King The market has softened quite a bit since the holidays are over. We are stocking red king crab legs & claws from Russia in the 6-9, 9-12 12-14, and 16-20 sizes when available. The unit of measure is based on legs per 10 pounds.
Crab, Blue PasteurizedPrices remain high, but despite supply concerns, the market has actually been softening. Fully cooked and ready to eat, many people choose to feature the meat as part of a prepared dish or ingredient.
CrawfishSupply is in good shape. Also known as crayfish, craydads and crawdaddies, they are a freshwater crustacean resembling mini lobster.
Lobsters Lobster tail prices are up and will remain high. Both cold and warm water lobsters are in big demand and very tight in availability. Lobster meat prices will also increase as supply struggles to keep up with demand. Live Maine lobster season is rolling, but high priced. North American Cold Water tails sizes 6/7oz and up are in short supply.
OystersLarger oysters are limited due to the heat wave. We recommend ordering smaller batches as the heat also can cause the oysters to start spawning. We have added an array of new oysters to our portfolio including Black Point, Cupid’s Choice, Sweet Petites & Royal Miyagi. We are also continuing to carry Carbajal, Kumamoto, Kusshi, Little Skookum, Pacific BBQs, and Blue Point. Farmed oysters are sustainable seafood superstars and always rated as a green Best Choice by Seafood Watch. Enjoy them now as supply can tighten in the summer with warming waters.
ScallopsNew product alert: try our bacon-wrapped scallops. Overall, the scallop market remains high and we are seeing high prices, especially for U/10s, (under 10 scallops per pound). Fresh scallops are prized by restaurants and seafood markets. A possible option might be to take a look at our 10/20 scallops, as they are not seeing such drastic increases. Another option that we have added to our portfolio is Mexican scallops.
Shrimp Fresh Oregon Bay shrimp meat season is open and domestic Gulf shrimp available. Black tiger prawns continue their upswing in pricing due to shortages in 21 count per pound or smaller. They are growing the shrimp now. The wild Mexican shrimp season is open with good availability.

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