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Over 100 Species Available

At Lusamerica, we offer over 100 species of seafood, fresh and frozen, and have three processing plants strategically located across the US West Coast with state-of-the-art processing capabilities. We distribute seafood to all kinds of businesses including supermarkets, food service companies, hotels, hospitals, tech companies, television studios and neighborhood restaurants. .

Fresh Fish
  • Whole fish, fillets, and portions  
    Fresh or frozen, trimmed to your specs, pin-bone in or out
  • Skin-packs, Oven Ready Trays, and To-Go Kits 
    Great for retail sales – make it easy on your staff and an easy choice for your customers
  • Local Seafood  
    We have our own dock and network of fishermen we partner with that go straight from the dock to our plant to your door. 
  • Specialty Items 
    (Live Lobsters, Escargot, Caviar, Frog Legs, Fish Jerky, Alligator) 

Local West Coast Seafood

Take advantage of what’s available locally! We’re calling on chefs and seafood buyers to help us create more markets for all of the amazing West Coast seafood available to us including rock cod (rockfish/Pacific snapper), black cod (sablefish/butterfish), lingcod, Petrale sole, Dover sole, grenadier, Dungeness crab, king salmon, and more. We recently started leasing our own dock in Monterey Bay and have partnerships with fishermen across the West Coast.

Value-Added Prepared Foods

Our in-house corporate chef and prepared foods team can do the hard work for you. Customers especially love our in-house ceviche, cedar plank salmon, stuffed salmon, cedar-wrapped seafood, ahi or salmon poke, shrimp rings, grab-and-go kits, seafood kabobs, salmon burgers, oven-ready meals and more!

Fillets, Steaks, Loins, and Portions

We know businesses are struggling to find or keep experienced employees. Let us similify the process and handle filleting and portionng in-house for you. Our experienced team of fillet artists can make seafood simple by delivering portions, steaks, loins and fillets as needed. Weather you like pin bone-in or out, skin-on or off, consider leaving the preparation in our hands rather than compromising your quality fish.



Some of the best tasting seafood comes with a shell. Elevate your menu or dining experience with crustaceans like shrimp, crab, and lobster or bivalves like clams, mussels, oysters, scallops and cockles. Not a fan of the shell? We offer just the meat too.

Rosemary & Lemon

Skin Packs

Our skin pack trays are a slam dunk option for retail markets. We have state-of-the-art sealer machinery to utilize thermal skin-pack technology to vauum-pack a wide range of seafood into self-forming trays. Customers love being able to see exactly what they are buying in these eye-catching displays.

Whole Fish

Weather you like to do your own filleting or want to elevate your retail offerings, whole fish is the way to go. We tend to fillet most of our seafood, but happy to hold whole fish for you if it’s of interest. Popular whole fish include king salmon, Atlantic salmon, halibut, branzino, tilapia, rainbow trout, rock cod, steelhead, and pompano.

Specialty Items

Some of the unique items we carry include alligator meat, frog legs, fish jerky, masago, caviar, escargot, smoked salmon, octopus, and live lobsters.


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Family, woman and minority owned since 1975 distributing seafood to the Western United States and beyond.

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