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The Local Advantage

Over the last five decades, we have built friendships and partnerships with local fisheries, proving our commitment to bringing you sustainable fresh seafood now and into the future.

With our three offices and processing facilities strategically located along the Pacific Coast, we have the advantage of delivering you fresh, locally sourced seafood from Washington, Oregon and California.

Supporting the Local Seafood Economy

  • Three offices / processing facilities on the Pacific Coast.
  • Seafood sourced from Washington, Oregon and California.
  • Partnerships with local fisheries.

Meet the Crew

Get to know the people catching our local seafood.

Locally Sourced:

  • Albacore Tuna – Catch Method: Longline or trolling.
  • Bigeye Tuna – Catch Method: Longline.
  • Black Cod – Catch Method: Bottom trawl, bottom longlines, and pots.
  • Cabezon – Catch Method: Rod & reel, and traps.
  • California Grenadier – Catch Method: Traps and bottom longlines.
  • California Halibut – Catch Method: Trolling lines and bottom trawling.
  • California Spiny Lobster – Catch Method: Traps.
  • Jack Mackerel – Catch Method: Troll gear bycatch from salmon or albacore vessels.
  • King Salmon – Catch Method: Troll.
  • Dungeness Crab – Catch Method: Traps.
  • Lingcod – Catch Method: Hook and line and bottom trawl.
  • Longnose Skate – Catch Method: Bottom trawl or hook and line (either way, it is usually bycatch).
  • Market Squid- Catch Method: Purse seine (a specific net).
  • Mediterranean Mussels – Cultivation Method: Rope-grown mariculture.

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Locally Sourced (cont.):

  • Miyagi Oysters – Cultivation Method: Farm raised.
  • Northern Anchovy – Catch Method: Purse seine. (A specific net).
  • Opah – Catch Method: Pelagic long lines.
  • Pacific Bonito – Catch Method: Longline and trolling.
  • Pacific Herring – Catch Method: Gillnets or purse seines. 
  • Pacific Sardines – Catch Method: Purse seine bycatch from market squid or northern anchovy vessels.
  • Petrale Sole – Catch Method: Bottom trawl.
  • Ridgeback Prawn – Catch Method: Bottom  trawl.
  • Rock Crab – Catch Method: Traps.
  • Rockfish – Catch Method: Bottom and midwater trawls, rod and reel, and traps.
  • Sanddabs – Catch Method: Bottom trawl, trap or hook and line.
  • Spot Prawn – Catch Method: Traps.
  • Starry Flounder – Catch Method: Bottom trawling.
  • Swordfish – Catch Method: Drift gillnet or longline.
  • Thornyhead, Shortspine and Longspine – Catch Method: Bottom trawl, hook and line.
  • Wahoo – Catch Method: Deep-set Pelagic longline bycatch.
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Family, woman and minority owned since 1975 distributing seafood to the Western United States and beyond.

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