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Fishing is the last wild hunt on our planet today at a commercial scale. Isn’t that crazy to think about? We’re grateful for the salty heroes that supply us with local, sustainable, American seafood! It’s a dangerous job with long hours and we appreciate all of their hard work. 

The United States has some of the strictest fisheries management in the world to help ensure environmental sustainability. Unfortunately, studies show that roughly 60-90 percent of seafood consumed in the United States is imported instead of sourced domestically. You can vote with your dollars to support local West Coast fishermen by choosing species like rockfish (rock cod), sablefish (black cod), petrale sole, dover sole, California halibut, and king salmon.

Scroll down to learn more about some of the crew we work with and the conservation story behind these local species. 

Clint Beasley

Captain Giuseppe “Joe” Pennisi
Fisherman, Pioneer Seafoods

Boat: F/V Pioneer
Location: South San Francisco Bay (Redwood City Harbor)
Species: Rock cod (rockfish), black cod (sablefish), Petrale sole and dover sole

Joe Pennisi is a third generation fisherman born and raised in Monterey, CA. His grandfather came from Italy to fish the coast of California and Joe is carrying on his legacy. Joe first fished for rockfish and sole when he was six years old, and he still fishes for those same species today. Joe’s fishing career has been spent predominantly out of Monterey, the Bearing Sea and Bristol Bay in Alaska. He bought his current boat, the F/V Pioneer, in 2000 and upgraded her with new engines and fishing equipment. Joe loves catching and eating fish, spending time with his family, working on his boat, and enhancing his fishing gear through underwater cameras. 

Joe’s grandfather fished out of San Francisco and now Joe’s son, Damien, is continuing the legacy by helping Joe on his fishing trips out of South Bay’s Redwood City Harbor. Damien is in college and recruits some of his friends to join the crew from time to time as well.

Pictured below: Joe Pennisi and his son, Dominic (aka Nico); Deckhands Laurie and Marcos; Nico and his buddy Oscar.

Scott Fosmark

Captain: Jarid Rold
Fisherman, Bay Fresh Seafoods

Boat: F/V Sea Mistress
Location: Monterey Bay (Moss Landing Harbor)
Species: King salmon

Jarid is a fourth generation fisherman who was born in Carmel, CA, but who has fished all over including Hawaii, Samoa, Mexico, Canada, Oregon, and Louisiana. At one point, Jarid rebuilt a boat in Louisiana, outfitted it for albacore fishing, and brought it through the Panama Canal to fish for tuna in the Pacific Ocean. Jarid is a well-seasoned fisherman with experience catching a variety of species including tuna, rock cod, black cod, squid, sardines, salmon, halibut, prawns, and hagfish. Jarid now fishes for king salmon out of Moss Landing harbor and helps his uncle who runs Bay Fresh Seafood. Jarid’s also the father of four kids, all of which have very cool names: Rise, Sparrow, Honor and Onyx.

“Once I caught that first king salmon, I knew it was something I wanted to keep doing because I love that fish. It’s my favorite. I love how it looks and I love how it tastes.”

Scott Fosmark

Scott Fosmark
Fisherman, boat owner & founder of Fosmark Fisheries, LLC.

Scott Fosmark is a fifth generation fisherman from Monterey, CA whose childhood bathtub was the sink on his dad’s boat. His mother, Kathy Fosmark, has been an advocate for the small boat fleet for decades on the Alliance of Communities for Sustainable Fisheries, the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Advisory Council, and as the California Commercial Fishing representative on the Pacific Fishery Management Council. Scott came of age learning how to fish salmon, albacore tuna and swordfish on his dad’s boat, who fished out of Moss Landing for 48 years before passing away in 2017. Today, Scott is carrying on his dad’s legacy and is the proud owner of Fosmark Fisheries, LLC, and his boat, Queen Corinne, is the fishing vessel catching local California groundfish for Lusamerica.

Queen Corinne

Queen Corinne
Fishing Vessel

Scott Fosmark found Queen Corinne in Chauvin, Louisiana in 2015 and bought her from legendary boat builder Russell Portier. Queen Corinne was taken on an adventure through the locks of the Panama Canal all the way up to California. She was rebuilt and equipped for West Coast fishing and spent several years fishing for shrimp out of Brookings, Oregon. Scott is glad to finally have her back in California at Moss Landing Harbor in Monterey Bay.

What are local groundfish?

While you might not be familiar with groundfish, it’s the backbone of many U.S. West Coast fishing communities. Groundfish are the bottom-dwelling fish along the seafloor and include rockfish (aka rock cod), sablefish (aka black cod), lingcod, sole, sanddabs and many other species.  

We want to highlight these local species and help revitalize our West Coast fishing community. Today, America has some of the best management practices in the world to reduce our impact on the ocean and to help struggling marine life, but many people don’t realize roughly 60-90 percent of the seafood we consume is imported. Let’s opt for local seafood to support our fishing community.


A Conservation Success Story

After being overfished in the ’90s and being declared a federal disaster in 2000, West Coast groundfish has made dramatic improvements. Fishermen, regulators, and environmentalists worked together to set up science-based management practices including catch limits to prevent overfishing, areal closures to protect sensitive habitat, observer coverage to ensure regulations are followed, and gear modifications to reduce bycatch. Scientists anticipated it would take roughly 80 years for these species to bounce back, but the new management measures worked so well it took less than 15 years! In 2014, the fishery received Marine Stewardship Council certification and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program upgraded 21 groundfish species from their red-rating to either yellow or green. The groundfish rebound shows that our ocean is resilient and that sustainable fishing is achievable when proper science-based management is enacted. You can help West Coast fishermen by choosing these tasty, local fish.    

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