Wide Selection of Responsibly Sourced Seafood

With over 35 years in the seafood business, Lusamerica Fish has developed dependable, direct sources of responsibly sourced seafood from all over the globe. We can supply a full line of domestic and imported seafood items as well as popular value-added seafood specialties.

We purchase a number of the most popular seafood items in large enough quantities to provide significant economies of scale and to ensure continuity of supply for our customers. This offers our customers the best possible market position on the highest volume items they sell. We also maintain relationships with multiple producers to ensure that we have products where and when our customers need them.

We built our business on fresh fish and now also offer a wide range of imported and domestic frozen seafood to support our customers’ frozen and refresh seafood programs.

In addition to whole fish, fillets and portions, Lusamerica has also developed a large menu of value-added, ready-to-cook seafood items to enhance our customers’ product offerings. These products range from Salmon burgers to stuffed seafood roasts to cedar-wrapped seafood and vegetables. Please request our current product list to review all of our value-added offerings.

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