Atlantic Northern Shrimp

Pandalus borealis

Also Known As

Pink shrimp, Salad shrimp, Coldwater shrimp, Deep water prawn

Commercial fishing for northern shrimp is prohibited due to its extremely depleted state.



Usually available fresh from winter to spring and frozen year-round, but currently unavailable because the fishery is closed.


U.S. wild-caught from Maine to Massachusetts.


Sweet and more flavorful than warm-water shrimp.


Firm and moist.


When alive, their tails and bodies are more red than pink and their shells are translucent. When cooked, the shells are pink and the meat is white tinged with pink. 

Health Benefits

Northern shrimp are low in saturated fat and high in iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

Health & Nutrition

Nutrition facts

Serving weight 100 g (raw)
Amount per serving
Calories 106
Protein 20.31 g
Fat, total 1.73 g
Saturated fatty acids, total 0.328 g
Carbohydrate 0.91 g
Sugars, total 0 g
Fiber, total dietary 0 g
Cholesterol 152 mg
Selenium 38 mcg
Sodium 148 mg

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