Red Snapper

Lutjanus campechanus

Also Known As

Snapper, Genuine red snapper, American reds, Spot snapper

U.S. wild-caught red snapper is a smart seafood choice because it is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations.



U.S. wild-caught red snapper is available fresh year-round.


U.S. wild-caught from North Carolina to Texas.


Red snapper has a sweetly mild but distinctive flavor.


Red snapper is semi-firm, lean, and moist.


The meat is pinkish with yellow tones when raw and turns somewhat lighter when cooked. Red snapper have trademark red skin and red eyes and come from domestic fisheries. To aid in identification, they are usually sold with the skin on.

Health Benefits

Red snapper is low in saturated fat and sodium and is a very good source of protein.

Health & Nutrition

Nutrition facts

Serving weight 100 g (raw)
Amount per serving
Calories 100
Protein 20.51 g
Fat, total 1.34 g
Saturated fatty acids, total 0.285 g
Carbohydrate 0 g
Sugars, total 0 g
Fiber, total dietary 0 g
Cholesterol 37 mg
Selenium 38.2 mcg
Sodium 64 mg

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