Our Commitment to the Environment Goes Beyond Seafood

In addition to the efforts we make in sourcing sustainable and responsibly-produced seafood, we are doing even more for the environment as part of our business practices. Our management and staff are dedicated to finding additional ways to reduce our impact on the global environment. Here are some examples:

Innovative Product Packaging

One of our most significant achievements has been to design new packaging to replace the heavily waxed cardboard and Styrofoam boxes often used to transport seafood. Our Tasty Catch® box is completely recyclable and pulpable, so it can be turned into new boxes at the end of its use. We have even designed it with a special closure to eliminate the use of tape, which is often not recyclable.

Styrofoam Recycling

Although we no longer pack in Styrofoam, some of our suppliers still do. We have created an innovative way to recycle 100% of the Styrofoam that enters our plants. We also recycle all incoming waxed cardboard boxes.

Vehicle Emissions

Our trucks all comply with current California emissions standards, which are the strictest in the nation.

General Recycling

Our offices and plants all participate in the recycling of cardboard, glass, metals and paper and reduce waste whenever possible.

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